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Aviation Manufacturing Consulting

Consulting Services for Boeing® Suppliers

Earning your Boeing D1-4426 Special Process certification doesn’t have to be a difficult or time-consuming process. A. W. Aviation Tech Services offers expert assistance to help you qualify to Boeing standards. Allow us to give you the boost you need to gain more special process certifications and win more Boeing business.

Improve Your Manufacturing Processes

Significantly improve your production processes with guidance from our aerospace manufacturing and quality consultants. With our expertise, you'll find ways to optimize your existing infrastructure and deliver better results allowing you to execute your existing contracts and grow new business faster.

Let us partner with you to:

- Increase Manufacturing Output
- Implement and Enhance Aerospace Quality Systems
- Decrease Tool Downtime
- More Efficiently Allocate Manpower
- Maximize Factory Floor Layout
- Analyze Customer Build Packages
- Provide Manufacturing and Liaison Engineering Support
- Develop Domestic and International Suppliers


MRO Facility Training & Setup

Setting up and training personnel for Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) facilities is easy with our help. Our specialists have the expertise necessary to train personnel in the set up and operation of commercial and business aviation aircraft MRO facilities according to industry standards.


Contact A. W. Aviation Tech Services LLC  in Dallas, Texas to request a service from our aviation manufacturing consultants.

A. W. Aviation Tech Certfifications and Organizations:

- Six Sigma Yellow Belt

- ASNT Level 3 Certificate in Ultrasonics

- OEM Supplier MRB Engineering Authority

- FAA Class 4 Unlimited Repair Station MRB Engineering Authority

- Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)™

- SAE International™ (Formerly the Society of Automotive Engineers)


About Us

A. W. Aviation Tech Services LLC is an aviation manufacturing consulting company based in Dallas, Texas. We serve commercial, military, and general aviation suppliers across the United States.

With more than 80 years of combined experience, our company provides you with knowledge and tools necessary to capture new business and enhance your current manufacturing capabilities. We work with our customers to discover efficient and cost-effective solutions to broaden existing Boeing® special process expertise and add new ones as well.

A. W. Aviation Tech Services LLC has the same experience as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) without the overhead so we can charge less while still providing personalized, unique service. We also have direct experience working on the Boeing 747™, 757™, and 787™ programs in setting up brand-new commercial aircraft suppliers.

Providing Services Nationwide primarily focused on:

 Dallas–Fort Worth, TX

San Antonio, TX

Seattle, WA

Wichita, KS

Los Angeles, CA

Atlanta, GA

Charleston, SC

Mobile, AL

Vero Beach, FL

Stratford, CT